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 mobile-development Development:

App Studio 35 Inc. is a software development firm specializing in (optimized, large data, scalable practices) for client/server and embedded applications for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices of all sizes, resolutions, and localization. In addition to our mobile development expertise, we have extensive expertise in developing for embedded devices in the auto, avionic, consumer, and medical industries. App Studio 35 can also handle all of your Desktop needs for Windows or Mac as well as responsive web design. While App Studio 35 does specialize in specific areas to meet a growing demand of our surrounding market, we are still a general all-purpose SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) resource for a variety of platforms and programming languages and ready to scale up or down to meet your project needs.

validationlaptop Validation & Verification:

With all the development that takes place there is a need for Quality Assurance or Validation Engineers to ensure the requirements have been implemented accordingly and that the product is robust with minimal anomalies. Not only is our QA team well trained in the various platforms and Operating Systems and devices, but they are also experienced in various industries including medical, gaming, embedded, and more.

automation1Automation & Release Train:

In order to deal with large scale enterprise customer needs, we have developed modern day practices around build and release engineering that can be offered depending on the customer’s available infrastructure and licensed tools. This includes CI processes for nightly, VC changes, and Release cycles for both shared libs and applications. In order to ensure the builds are of highest quality and reliably consistent, the builds will undergo various tool integrations for Dependency Management, Static Code Analysis for Standards, Static Code Analysis for Security, Black Duck Integration for Open Source Validation and Approval, Unit Testing, QA Automation, Confluence, Jira, and GIT integrations as well as Code Documentation for upkeep of our developer app portals for reusable libraries and shared code. Lastly, we integrate with SMTP servers and File servers for uploading of completed artifacts to be distributed.

Staffing and Resources:

App Studio 35 provides professional staffing services.  Our experienced, in house developers vet candidates to ensure you are working with qualified professionals.  We know how important it is to your projects and deadlines that positions are filled with the right personnel.  Let us help you staff your various projects for the different industries using our unique experience.